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First uktrainian CubeSat PolyITAN-1 launched

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June 19, 2014 at 19:11:11 UTC has launched rocket "Dnepr" (ukrainian Dniepropetrovsk YUZHMASH 15A18 production, SS-18 "Satan" by NATO classification) from the Yasny facility in Russia Start successful."Satan", which was launched at night from the underground mine plant was established on the basis of subject to liquidation of converted R-36M ICBM, now retasked to launch satellites instead of nuclear warheads.. The carrier is designed to remove up to 3.7 tons of payload - a spacecraft or satellite constellation - at an orbital altitude of 300 to 900 kilometers. Branch output spacecraft occurs in stages.The first group of satellites separated from the booster. Five launch canisters QuadPack, developed by ISIS (Netherlands), used to derive 21 CubeSat satellite type production eight countries. Delivered into orbit microsatellites QB50P1 and QB50P2, Nanosatc-BR1, Perseus-M1 and Perseus-M2, Flock1c-1 and Flock1c-11, DTUSAT-2, Duchifat PopSat-Hip1 and Polyitan-1.Preliminary data of the satellite orbit, which communication sessions may be calculated:PolyITAN1 00362U 00362A 14170.81049769 .00000000 00000-0 10000-4 0 72 00362 97.9897 66.2289 0012982 291.8733 244.3145 14.85013404 03

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